All My Faith Lost... Album Untitled All My Faith Lost... Set to Release New Album After 11 Year Hiatus Italian neoclassical darkwave/ethereal neofolk quartet All My Faith Lost... album Untitled their first record in... Big Shot Concerts Oceanhoarse Oceanhoarse Signs Worldwide Record Deal with Noble Demon Oceanhoarse, the four-piece heavy metal outfit from Helsinki, Finland, has been operating for a couple... Big Shot Concerts SNAFU Michigan Thrashers SNAFU Set to Release Seething Third Album Hardcore thrash/punk unit SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fucked Up) will unleash their full-length Exile//Banishment on... Big Shot Concerts Second Album from Hiraki Hiraki Releases Blistering New Music Nefarious Industries presents Stumbling Through The Walls, the explosive second album from Aarhus, Denmark-based progressive/avant... Big Shot Concerts Mastery Debut Album Mastery Debut Album Toronto-based Thrash Metal band Mastery is the brainchild of the Swiss-born guitarist Markus Armellini. Their... Big Shot Concerts Unidad Trauma Launches Dog Rescue Project Tijuana-based grindcore outfit Unidad Trauma recently launched an independent dog rescue called Casa de... Big Shot Concerts Aaron Thompson’s Darkwave Project Empty Streets Aaron Thompson Announces Empty Streets The latest single from songwriter Aaron Thompson’s modern darkwave project Empty Streets, the fabulously melancholic... Big Shot Concerts Flying Cupid Video “Into the Light” Flying Cupid Releases Animated Video for "Into the Light" Modern metal act Flying Cupid has revealed a new video for the track “Into the... Big Shot Concerts Neonfly Signs with Noble Demon Neonfly Signs with Noble Demon for Worldwide Release of New Album Neonfly signs with German powerhouse label Noble Demon, who will release the band’s highly anticipated... Big Shot Concerts Bones of the Earth Album Bones of the Earth Announce Second Full-Length Album Arkansas hardcore/doom trio Bones of the Earth album II. Eternal Meditations Of A Deathless... Big Shot Concerts Odd Circus EP Mantha Odd Circus Embraces the Unknown with New EP Avant-rock trio Odd Circus will release their mind-bending EP Mantha this April... Big Shot Concerts Prey for Sunday Single Hard Rock Outfit Prey for Sunday Release New Single and Self-Titled EP Hard Rock/ Metal band Prey for Sunday released their new single "Don't Let It End"... Big Shot Concerts The Nixons Livestream Event The Nixons Announce Livestream Event for February 19, 2021 Alternative rock band The Nixons livestream event will take place on February 19, 2021 at... Big Shot Concerts New Album from Terror Trapped In A World New Album from Terror The new album from Terror is titled Trapped In A World. The long-running Los Angeles... Big Shot Concerts Sullen New Album from Sullen Shakes Listeners to the Core Portuguese prog metallers Sullen will release their latest album Nodus Tollens - Act 1: Oblivion,... Big Shot Concerts Wode Latest Release from Wode Features 40 Minutes of Ferocity England's Wode unloads In Many Mirrors album through 20 Buck Spin. This is the bands... Big Shot Concerts Plaguewielder Plaguewielder Unleashes Anger on New Album Ohio natives Plaguewielder are back with their third album, Covenant Death. Expanding on the sounds... Big Shot Concerts Cave of Swimmers Cave of Swimmers Showcase Songwriting on New Record Cave of Swimmers album Aurora scheduled for release on February 23, 2021 via BroomTune Records.... Big Shot Concerts Bruit ≤ Bruit ≤ Makes New Album with no restraints Rising up from the ashes of several pop bands, the Bruit ≤ project was born... Big Shot Concerts Nixil debut full-length All Knots Untied Nixil Debut Full-Length Unleashed from the Weirder Side of Mayhem Nixil debut full-length All Knots Untied is set for release on March 5, 2021. The... Big Shot Concerts Casper Allen Folk Artist Casper Allen Stars in New Edition of The Magnolia Sessions Anti-Corporate Music presents the sixth title in their acclaimed series The Magnolia Sessions - Casper... Big Shot Concerts Cardinal Wyrm Cardinal Wyrm Releases Brand-New Album Devotionals Cardinal Wyrm album Devotionals is the fourth from the Oakland-based doom trio. A time-lapse video... Big Shot Concerts Necropanther Necropanther Set to Drop New Release in EP Series Necropanther EP In Depths We Sleep is set for release on March 12, 2021. The... Big Shot Concerts Danny Wimmer Presents 2021 Festival Calendar Danny Wimmer Presents 2021 Festival Lineup Announced Leading independent live entertainment producer and promoter Danny Wimmer Presents is excited to announce its... Big Shot Concerts Gravesend Single Gravesend Set to Release Debut LP Gravesend single "Ashen Piles Of Incinerated"is now streaming as the New York City-based black/death metal... Big Shot Concerts Blue Ox album Holy Vore Third Blue Ox Album Unleashes the Sounds of Thrash, Grind and Punk Blue Ox album Holy Vore is set for release on April 2, 2021. The Minnesota-based... Big Shot Concerts Rack and Gridfailure Collaborate Soloists Rack and Gridfailure Team Up for Collaborative Project Solo artists Rack and Gridfailure collaborate and have coalesced their demoralizing tones on a diverse... Big Shot Concerts Gothic Project Les Chants Du Hasard Les Chants Du Hasard Orchestral Album Delves into Darkness French orchestral/operatic blackened gothic project Les Chants Du Hasard will release its stunning Livre Troisième... Big Shot Concerts Gizmachi single “Look What I’ve Become” Gizmachi Release “Look What I’ve Become” off Second Album Gizmachi single “Look What I’ve Become” is the second from the bands’s long-awaited sophomore album... Big Shot Concerts Sorizon Sorizon Set to Drop Brand-New Album Thanatos Rising Sorizon full-length Thanatos Rising is now available for pre-orders. It's the third album from the... Big Shot Concerts



Kirk Hammett of Metallica


Stay at home so we all can get back to concerts. 



“Life is too short to have anything but delusional notions about yourself.”
— Gene Simmons of KISS

“Just because I cut the heads off dolls doesn’t mean I hate babies, I just hate dolls.”
— Alice Cooper